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Useful Websites

Voting, Election Info and Polls

  • American National Election Studies — data on voting, public opinion, and political participation for social scientists, teachers, and students.
  • Congress Votes Database — voting records of the U.S. Congress since 102nd Congress (1991) : who missed votes, who voted in late-night sessions, which bills passed by a narrow margin & more.
  • — look up your lawmakers (Senators and Representatives) and track their votes by email.
  • Election Guide — by IFES (International Foundation for Election Systems). Find quick info on the govt. structure, electoral system, and brief country data of countries around the world.
  • Annenberg Political Fact Check — “a nonpartisan, nonprofit,  ‘consumer advocate’ for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.”
  • Federal Election Commission — find campaign finance reports and data, finance law resources, and info on registering to vote, voter turnout statistics, and how elections are framed and administered.
  • Gallup Poll
  • League of Women Voters
  • League of Women Voters of Texas — nonpartisan political organization for informed and active participation of citizens in government.
  • Patchwork Nation — examining communities over time via demographic, voting and cultural data. By the Jefferson Institute.
  • Pew Research Center: U.S. Politics & Policy — numbers, facts and trends shaping your world.
  • Politifact — 2009 Pulitzer-prize winning service working to sort out the truth in politics.
  • Public Opinion Online — election and political issues polling data. Covers nat’l and state elections.
  • Vote Smart — The voter’s self defense system. Find nat’l and state level info on your representatives. Explains each candidate’s views along with voting records.  Includes info on campaign reform.