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Data, Datasets, and Statistics

Recommended resources and information on data, datasets, and statistics.

Texas Repositories


This page provides links to data repositories at the University of Texas at Dallas and elsewhere.  Links to other data repositories can be found through the navigation tabs.


  • Treasures @ UT Dallas: This institutional repository was established in 2010 and is a resource for the UT Dallas community to showcase, organize, share, and preserve research and scholarship in an Open Access repository.


  • UT Dallas GitHub: Share and upload code in a secure GitHub environment managed by UT Dallas.


  • Texas Data Repository: Hosted by the Texas Digital Library, the Texas Data Repository is a platform for publishing and archiving datasets (and other data products) created by faculty, staff, and students at Texas higher education institutions. The repository is built in an open-source application called the Dataverse software, developed and used by Harvard University**Most shared datasets are open for data retrieval, but UTD does not currently have a membership to publish data to this repository.