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Data, Datasets, and Statistics

Recommended resources and information on data, datasets, and statistics.



This page provides links to sources of data, datasets, and statistics devoted to the environment and made available through U.S. Government agencies, nonprofit entities, and international organizations. Links to other datasets and statistics can be found through the navigation tabs.


  • DataBank: DataBank is an analysis and visualisation tool from The World Bank that contains collections of data on a variety of topics. You can create your own queries; generate tables, charts, and maps; and easily save, embed, and share them.




  • National Centers for Environmental Information: The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) provides environmental data, products, and services covering the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun to drive resilience, prosperity, and equity for current and future generations. NCEI data helps businesses and organizations across sectors operate more efficiently, safely, environmentally, and economically. 


  • OneStop: NOAA OneStop can be used to search for any data with a metadata record from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is an interoperable tool designed to explore data from across scientific disciplines, formats, time periods, and locations. OneStop’s wide range of filtering options can pinpoint specific collections or granules that may not be discoverable in other mediums.


  • World Environment Situation Room: The World Environment Situation Room provides federated data system of the best openly accessible environmental data, information and knowledge to support decision-making, policy and action at the global, regional, national and local levels for sustainable development and national planning needs.