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Data, Datasets, and Statistics

Recommended resources and information on data, datasets, and statistics.

About This Guide


This guide is intended to introduce data, datasets, and statistics to the University of Texas at Dallas community, and to inform the community of resources available for their research. Use the navigation tabs to the left to explore resources on this topic.

Introduction to Data, Datasets, and Statistics


Data is a collection of information gathered through observation before its analysis. Files containing this raw data are datasets, which are typically devoted to a unique body of work. Researchers can analyze these files by loading them into software, such as Microsoft ExcelSAS, and IBM SPSS Statistics.

In addition, data is the raw information from which statistics are created through analysis and interpretation. Statistics exist as numbers and percentages and are officially published as a public good through government bodies, such as the United States Census Bureau, and international institutions, including the World Health Organization.  

Research data is often housed for future sharing and preservation in dedicated storage spaces referred to as data repositories. A reputable data repository will be easily accessible, searchable, and will ensure the long-term preservation of datasets. Several data repositories are available through the University of Texas at Dallas.