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Researching Industries & Businesses

Statistical Insight


Statistical Insight is a full-text database containing statistical charts and tables derived from federal and state government agencies, international bodies, and private organizations. It includes demographic data, as well as data about crime, economics, health, education, and labor.


Use the guide below for instructions on researching industries and businesses through Statistical Analysis.


Step 1:

To begin your industry analysis, go to Statistical Insight.


Step 2:

ProQuest provides users of Statistical Insight with a pair of options to search for industry analyses, such as exploring by subject or entering terms into the search field. If, for example, you are researching Home Construction, you can either click on Housing & Construction tab within Explore By Subject or you can enter Home Building within the search field.



Step 3:

Entering Home Building into the search field will produce 14,847 results. You will need to restrict the search parameters through the search limiters on the left side of the page. Researchers using Statistical Insight may limit their searches by Date, Source, Countries and Regions, Local Area, Data Categories, and Subject.



Step 4:

Begin the process of refining your search by clicking on Construction Industry within the Subject limiter.



Step 5:

Limiting the search to Construction Industry produced 4,629, which is too unwieldy still for the purpose of research. In addition, that search did not limit its results to the construction of homes. So, you will need to limit the search again. Search this time by clicking on Home Building.



Step 6:

Now that the search has produced only results from within the home construction industry, researchers now can limit their results by other search limiters, such as date and location. Click on Countries & Regions.


Step 7:

ProQuest provides researchers with a number of ways to limit a search through Countries & Regions. For example, researchers may select a continent and then further refine their search by a certain nation. The option also is present to search by certain states within the United States, by region within the United States, or by the entirety of the nation. Go ahead and click on US Total/Regional and then Total US.



Step 8:

Continue limiting the search, as desired.


Step 9:

Once you have finished limiting the search, click on the report you want for your industry analysis.


Step 10:

To ensure a robust and accurate report, researchers should peruse this entire record provided through Statistical Insight before concluding the analysis.