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Researching Industries & Businesses

Business Source Complete

A premium scholarly, full-text business database, Business Source Complete is a comprehensive source of company information for academic researchers. The database covers all business disciplines, such as marketing, management, MIS, POM, accounting, finance, and economics. Search contextual information and conduct a broader and deeper investigation of a company through: SWOT analyses; Barnes Reports; MarketLine research reports; industry profiles; case studies; Five Forces.


Use the guide below for instructions on performing an industry analysis through Business Source Complete.


Step 1:

To begin your industry analysis, first go to Business Source Complete. Once you have arrived, type into the search bar the NAICS code for the industry of which you are performing an analysis, for example, Supermarkets and Other Grocery Retailers (except Convenience Retailers), which has the NAICS code 445110. You can discover the required NAICS code through the navigation tab to the left.




Step 2:

That search result produced 41,376 results! While this number sounds like it will include everything you need for your research, it is, in fact, quite unwieldy and will likely includes an amount of unnecessary material for your industry analysis. So, it will be best to refine this search. Begin by clicking on Industry Profiles, which is listed within Source Type in the limiting tools located on the left side of the webpage.




Step 3:

You will refine your search again by clicking on the tab for Barnes Reports or Marketline, which are listed within Publisher in the limiting tools.



Step 4:

Continue to refine your search with the limiting tools until you are content with your results. The best limiting tools, at this point, may include Publication Date, Geography, and NAICS/Industry.



Step 5:

When you have refined your search to suit your needs, click on the desired industry profile, in this case, a Barnes Report.




Step 6:

The Barnes Report you selected provides a tremendous amount of information for your industry analysis, including sales and industry ratios, sales and employment trends, 5-year trends, and analyses by metropolitan areas in the United States.         


Step 7:

To ensure a robust and accurate report, researchers should peruse this entire record provided through Business Source Complete before concluding the analysis.