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Researching Industries & Businesses

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage


Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage is a source of business and investment information, offering on-line access to popular Standard & Poor's research products such as Industry Surveys, Stock Reports, Corporation Records, The Outlook, and Mutual Fund Reports. This resource also provides data on thousands of private companies that are not publicly traded.


Use the guide below for instructions on performing an industry survey through Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage.


Step 1:


To begin your research into industry surveys, first go to Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage.



Step 2:

Once there, hover the cursor over the Markets tab. Doing so will open the additional options: Market Overview, Industries, Geographies, Interest Rates, and Market Research, which will include the subgroups: IPC Notes and Industry Surveys.



Step 3:

Click on Industry Surveys. The reports within Industry Surveys are organized by Contributor, Analyst, Date/Time, Headline, Type, and Pages. Researchers may find the Analyst and Headline options the most useful choices. Researchers may scroll through either choice to find the desired report. Or, clicking on the titles will alphabetize the listing for easier access.




Step 4:

Once the listing of industries has been alphabetized, click on the industry being researched, in this case, Building Products.



Step 5:

Clicking on the industry title, will present the Industry Survey.




Step 6:

The Industry Survey includes a Table of Contents that lists the reports, including Key Industry Snapshot, Key Industry Drivers, Industry Trends, Porter's Five Forces, and more. 


Step 7:

To ensure a robust and accurate report, researchers should peruse this entire record provided through Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage before concluding the analysis.