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Researching Industries & Businesses

Business Insights: Global


Business Insights: Global is a source for international business intelligence, offering the most comprehensive and convenient way to find case studies, in-depth statistical data, coupled with deep research, and the ability to compare global economies and industries. This database allows you to research industries and companies through SWOT analysis, market research, company information, and industry analysis. Business Insights: Global also provides Plunket Reports. Established in 1985, Plunkett Reports is a leading provider of global market research, reports, and custom research services. Its research covers all vital industry sectors and types of business, as well as tens of thousands of leading companies.


Use the guide below for instructions on performing an industry analysis through Business Insights: Global.


Step 1:

To begin your industry analysis, go to Business Insights: Global. Once you have arrived, type into the search bar the NAICS code for the industry for which you are performing an analysis, for example, Supermarkets and Other Grocery Retailers (except Convenience Retailers). This has the NAICS code 445110. You can discover the required NAICS code through the navigation tab to the left.




Step 2:

The search for NAICS code 445110 will produces two research options: Industry Profile and Industry Articles, which includes case studies, articles from academic and trade journals, news, and market research reports. The Industry Profile option, however, includes Industry Reports, which contains Emerging Industry Reports, Global Industry Reports, U.S. Industry Report and Plunkett Reports. The Plunkett Reports will be most valuable to your industry analysis.




Step 3:

Five resources are provided within the Plunkett Report. Yet only Grocery Stores Industry (U.S.) contains the NAICS code being researched: 445100. Click on that tab to access the industry analysis for your research.



Step 4:

This Plunkett Report provides a wealth of information, including an industry summary, historical and projected revenues, a comparison to other industries, and a listing of top companies, for your industry analysis.



Step 5:

To ensure a robust and accurate report, researchers should peruse this entire record provided through Business Insights: Global before concluding the analysis.