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Mechanical Engineering

Essential resources for mechanical engineering and technology research, including job resources.


Mechanical Engineering

Resources on mechanical engineering and technology. 

Library of Congress Call Number Ranges:  T's & TJ's 

  • T 1 - 995 for (General) Technology 
  • TJ 1 - 1570 for Mechanical Engineering & Machinery 

For a full listing of the call number ranges including a detailed breakdown of the call numbers for engineering, see the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Circulating books (Main Stacks) for these call number ranges will be located on the fourth floor of the library.

Hardcopy (paper) journals and reference materials (see recommended books below) for these call number ranges will be located on the second floor of the library.

For electronic journals and articles, try a mechanical engineering database and/or see the list of online journal publishers (multiple subjects).

Important Book & Ebook References

This collection includes sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and handbooks to help find brief explanations and general information about terms and concepts in mechanical engineering. Includes both hardcopy (paper) and electronic books.