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Job & Company Resources in Engineering, Computer Science & Technology

This guide lists resources at the library for employment seekers in the CS and engineering disciplines. Includes detailed instructions on how you can identify companies by industry in a specific location using library databases.

Introduction: Finding Company Information in Your Field

The following subject guide will help you find extensive information on companies related to a particular industry while restricting to a particular geographic area, if you choose. Once you have a list in hand, you will be well armed with the information you need to seek employment in the field and location you desire.

In order to conduct a thorough search of job candidates, you will need to approach your research from multiple angles. The following is a list of steps your subject specialists recommend you take:

  1. Begin with the Company/Industry Search tab. This tab will direct you to a Nexis Uni (Company Dossier) Search, which is a database that makes it very easy to limit to a particular industry (which will be labeled by a standard SIC or NAICS code number) and geographic area (by country, state, county, zip code or area code). You can use the information you gather in Nexis Uni, specifically the SIC or NAICS code, to assist you in searching the other databases.
  2. With the SIC or NAICS code from the Nexis Uni (Company Dossier) Search, you can go to the Other Business and Company Databases tab in this guide to search for even more companies. Many of these databases cover businesses and resources not included in Nexis Uni. See their descriptions for more details.
  3. The Patent Information for CS/EE Companies tab will instruct you on locating information on a particular company and its patents. The searching capabilities are limited, but this database is currently the only one available for patent searching.
  4. The Resume Books, Interview Books, and Job Hunting Books tabs list recommended titles in paper and electronic formats here in the library.
  5. Lastly, the Employment Resources tab will link you to resources provided by UTD's Career Center.