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LGBTQ+ Studies

Tips for Searching on This Topic

Search Tip #1

A search term can be used in combination with another search term to improve the relevance of your search results in databases, the Library's Discover and Catalog searches, and even in Google and other search engines.

To find materials on gender identity, start with the search phrase "gender identity" then add a second or even third search term.


  • "gender identity"
  • "gender identity" AND representation
  • "gender identity" AND "sexual orientation"
  • "gender identity" AND rights

Other suggestions:

  • queer AND philosophy
  • homosexuality AND philosophy
Search Tip #2

Try searching "gender identity" as a subject instead of a keyword to limit results to materials whose main focus is gender identity. A keyword search only means that your searched term appears somewhere in the text of the books and articles in your results.

Databases in Gender Identity and LGBTQ+ Philosophy

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