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Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Journals

How to Determine if a Journal Is Peer-Reviewed

Remember: not every scholarly journal is peer reviewed.

If you find an article and you aren't sure whether it comes from a peer reviewed journal, try using Ulrichsweb for a quick and easy confirmation.

Ulrichsweb is a periodicals directory that offers just about every detail you might like to know about a publication. When a journal title is entered in the search bar, Ulrichsweb provides a list of matches with a striped shirt icon next to those that are "refereed," or peer reviewed.

 Ulrichsweb journal search results displaying the journal in a table with an icon in the Refereed column


The publication details page has a yes or no Refereed field:

Journal details page with Title, ISSN, and Refereed status among other details


Look for this resource on the Library's homepage under Databases > U.