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Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Journals

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles and Journals

Use a Database to search for scholarly articles in a desired subject area, or McDermott Library's Discover to search broadly across many databases. A scholarly database contains few popular articles, if any at all.

Both tabs can be found in the center of the Library's homepage,


The Library's main search box with the Discover and Databases tabs circled


Many databases - as well as Discover - feature a Peer Review / Scholarly search limiter either before or after you enter your keywords. Check this box to ensure that all of your search results are peer reviewed.

This example of a Peer Review limiter is from Ebsco, a popular database search host:

The "scholarly (peer reviewed) journals" box is checked in the limiter options in this example.

Search Help

Visit our Search Tips guide or click the "Chat with Us" button on the right side of the page for assistance in strategizing your search.

Peer Reviewed Articles in Discover

Here is a tip to ensure that your results are peer reviewed when using Discover or the Library Catalog.

Check the boxes for the following search limiters on your results page:

Resource Type: Articles
Availability: Peer Reviewed Journals
Creation Date: Choose if relevant


The search limiters box, with selection boxes checked as desribed in the text above


This icon can be found under title information to confirm peer review status: