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Library Course Reserves

Library Course Reserves use Leganto. Created by Ex Libris, Leganto is an online application that supports the creation and management of course resource reading lists.

Adding Citations to Your Reading List

Adding Items from the Library

Click on the (+) icon in the top-right corner of a list section to add items directly from a McDermott Library catalog search:

An example depicts Week 1 of a course reading list with a plus sign circled to the right of the list area.

Within the default Search tab you will see the similar drop-down options as you would if were searching DISCOVER on the Library's website:

  • Search Everything searches the physical and electronic holdings of the McDermott Library.  This includes articles, books, and other holdings.
  • Articles includes the databases and electronic resources indexed in Primo.
  • Course Reserves includes any physical or electronic item that has been already processed and indexed by Course Reserves personnel within the McDermott Library.
  • Library Catalog includes the physical collection of the McDermott Library as well as the digital archives, streaming videos, and ebooks.

TIP: Try to add as many details as you can to the search box e.g. title, author surname or year of publication. There is also an advanced search option where you can search by ISSN or ISBN if you know it.

Click on the title of the item you are interested in. Use the "Section" chooser to select placement within your list (e.g. Week 1). 

A pop up box with list sorting options as described.


Click ADD to add it to the selected Section.

Your added list / items are now visible to students when they access your course via eLearning and click the Course Reserves list.

Add Documents Using the CREATE Tab

Instructors can upload files into the Library Course Reserves system when it is their own unpublished work (like a syllabus or lecture presentation) or they have the rights-holder’s permission.

By clicking on the (+) icon to add a new entry, an instructor can upload their own files using the Create tab, then drag and drop a file or click to browse your computer for the file.

The Create tab is where name or describe your document and click Add Source or drag and drop to add the file.

WARNING: You should not upload your own copy of a journal article or book chapter unless...

  • it’s been published with a Creative Commons license, or
  • you are the author and your agreement to publish grants you the right to re-use your material for teaching, or
  • the resource fall under the Fair Use Policy - here is the ALA Fair Use Checklist

If you published with a Creative Commons license, you can enter in the type of license by using the pull down menu under Creative Commons:

Examples of Creative Commons licenses listed.

If you would like to have something digitized for upload, or have questions about the copyright or accessibility of a document you have uploaded, please contact Course Reserves Support.

Add CITE IT! to Your Browser Toolbar

Literature from elsewhere on the web may also be added to Course Reserves. Cite It! is a browser extension that gives the instructor a simple way to list a web page among the other content in their course reading list.

To install this tool, click on your initials in the top-right corner of the Library Course Reserves screen and select Cite It! in the drop-down menu.

Cite It is located in the menu that appears when you click your initials in the top of your course nav menu.

Then follow the instructions to drag and drop the Cite It! button into your bookmarks or favorites bar. 

Screenshot of pop-up window with drag and drop instructions

Using CITE IT! from the Web

You can use the Cite It! tool to add items to your lists from any of the McDermott Library Databases or you can also add items while browsing the web, for example searching for books on Amazon, YouTube videos or articles on an open database.

  • When you are on the item details or article abstract web page (e.g. YouTube), click the Cite It! button in your  bookmark bar to open the Add this to my list box.

The Add This to My List pop up box includes title, author, and type fields which may be auto-populated, plus an "add to" chooser to help you sort it as you add to your list.

  • We recommend that you review the item information for accuracy and add any key missing information - to edit a field, click into it and type in the correct information. 
  • Select a list and section from the drop-down menu (e.g. BIOL 3301 and Week 1) and click Add & Close to import the item details to your list. You can also add items to My Collection from here.

‚ÄčNote: Cite It! copies full item details from many supported sites, but other sites may need more details added manually. Please check the information is correct before clicking Add & Close to avoid any confusion or mistakes.