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About This Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist students, faculty, staff, and the community by providing information resources regarding the subject of history. Use the navigation tabs to explore the variety of available research materials and where to find them.

To get started right away, visit the McDermott Library homepage and scroll to find the resource search box. Using the default "Discover" tab, enter keywords that are relevant to your topic of interest then click the search button. A search limiters menu will appear with your results, giving you several options to filter for more specificity in materials such as desired format, publication date range, or online and peer reveiwed status.

Discover is the default tab in the Library's main search area.

Use the following Library of Congress Call Number ranges to locate physical materials in the Library's collections:

C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

D - World History: Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrialia, etc.

E and F - History of the Americas

Top 5 Resources

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