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Cognition and Neuroscience

About: Reference Materials

Reference materials like encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and handbooks are a great way to learn terminology, important people, places or events, and related concepts when exploring a new topic.

Use the Library Catalog tab to search print and electronic reference materials, or visit the general reference databases page.

Here is a books-only search for your convenience! Try title, author, subject, or keywords.

3-D Virtual Models with Anatomy.TV

Human musculoskeletal model.

Anatomy.TV includes virtual anatomical and physiological modeling in great detail. 3-D models can be positioned and zoomed with your cursor.

Use the 3-D Atlas or browse models by clinical specialty, such as audiology, otolaryngology, speech-language pathology, dentistry, head and neck, or urology.

General Reference Sources

Concept Exploration With Credo


Credo Reference logo


Credo pushes online reference further, offering full-text articles and visual aids like videos and mind maps to help you explore topics and their related concepts in depth.