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Setting Up ORCID iD

After registration, do the following…

Add Basic Information

​Add your information, such as biography, education, workplace, keywords, name variants (preferred name, alternate names), etc. This will help those searching for you distinguish you from people with the same name if they don't have your ORCID iD. Don't forget to add alternate e-mails: both past and present. 

​​Link your ORCID account to Scopus, an abstract and citation database available through our library, ResearcherID, or LinkedIn, among others.

You can find more tips on how to set up your account here.

Add Your Works

You can add works to your ORCID record in a number of ways...

Don't forget to also add any funding you've received.

You cannot add peer review activity to your account yourself: you must connect with a trusted organization that can add your information for you. You can learn more here. One potential option you can use is Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Service.

Control Your Information

Only you can create a profile that specifically links to you and have control over the information in it. You can also control the visibility of certain information associated with your ORCID iD by changing the privacy options in your account settings or for individual sections in your profile. You can learn more about privacy settings here.

 Everyone - can be viewed by anyone who can access the website

 Trusted Parties - can be viewed by just those you trust, requires action on your part to grant permissions to trusted organizations or individuals

 Only Me - any information associated with your ORCID iD record will only be visible to you, no one else