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Accessibility and Disability

Search Tip #1

A search term can be used in combination with another search term to improve the relevance of your search results in databases, the Library's Discover and Catalog searches, and even in Google and other search engines.

To find materials about the arts and cultural aspects of people with disabilities, start with the search term disability then add a second or even third search term.


  • disability AND art
  • disability AND "literary criticism"
  • disability AND music

Search Tip #2

Try searching "disability" as a subject instead of a keyword to limit results to materials that are about people with disabilities. A keyword search only means that your searched term appears somewhere in the text of the books and articles in your results.

Search Tip #3

As an example, here are just a few of the subject terms we noted when retrieving the books listed on this page:

Social Science - People with Disabilities People with mental disabilities in literature
People with mental disabilities in motion pictures  Popular culture - social aspects
People with disabilities in Art Artists with disabilities
People with disabilities in mass media People with disabilities and the arts
Health in Literature Musicians with disabilities
Blind musicians Disabilities and popular music