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Emerging Media and Communication

Essential resources for new and emerging media and communication studies and research.

About This Guide

Media Studies : New and Emerging Media and Communication

The following guide provides a brief introduction to resources available at the library for researching the new media environment. Use this guide to find relevant information from books, e-books, journals, e-journals and more.


Because media studies includes a variety of disciplines - media theory, history, philosophy, journalism, television, radio, electronic media (including the Internet and video games), politics, public policy, intellectual property, copyright law, and so on - no single resource (or call number in the Stacks) will encompass every facet under its umbrella. 

See the Books & Ebooks tab for a list of books pertaining to major themes and issues in new and emerging media. This is a great place to start for background information and to gather ideas for research.

For specific needs (e.g., journal articles on a topic), go to the tab that best corresponds to the type of research you wish to conduct.

Lastly, if more help is needed, contact the subject librarian listed on this page or click on "Ask a Librarian" for more options to get personalized assistance.

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