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Course Content at McDermott Library

Your guide to textbooks, multimedia, electronic reading lists and other course materials available at the Eugene McDermott Library.

Searching the Library Catalog

To begin your search:

Visit the Library Homepage and find the Library Catalog tab in the search area located in the center of the page.

Enter the title or author, then click the search button (). See the next box below if you're not sure of the title.

If the desired book is found, look below the title to:

  1. Verify availability.
  2. Make a note of the location. Course Reserves will have a shorter borrowing period than Main Stacks.
  3. Record the Call Number.


An example of a book record in the catalog


Where to go next:
  • "Course Reserves" will be found at the Services Desk on the 2nd floor. Have that Call Number ready to ensure speedy service!
  • Other textbooks may be found in Main Stacks; if this location was given and the Call Number began with letters A through G, the book is located on the 3rd floor. Call Numbers H through Z are on the 4th floor. Visit the Services Desk when you're ready to check out.
  • If no location is given, this is an ebook. Click "Available Online" to begin reading.

A note about book editions:

You can determine what year a book was published by the year at the end of its Call Number, but what about the edition?

Click the book's title then scroll down to the Details section to find the Edition field. If this is blank, it is the 1st edition.


Book edition can be found near the bottom of a book record, just after Creation Date.

Not Sure Which Title You Need?

The UT Dallas Bookstore's textbook finder can list your books if you enter your UTD ID.

If this doesn't work, try logging in to E-Learning for the information, or use the additional search functions in UT Dallas's CourseBook. Once the course is found, look to the right on your section's listing to check for a syllabus.

Other Borrowing Options

"I didn't find my textbook. Now what?"

If your catalog search yielded zero results, it's not time to give up just yet! There are two services designed to extend your borrowing power beyond what is owned by McDermott Library: TexShare and Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

What is TexShare?

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?


Note: Textbooks are generally ineligible for Interlibrary Loan, but requests for other readings on your syllabus can sometimes be fulfilled.