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Citation Resources


The purpose of this guide is to define the subject of Citations and inform students, faculty, and our community of the many types of resources and search methods available to facilitate study, be it scholarly research or personal interest.

In your academic and professional journeys, there will be cause to use citations. These are simply organized methods of indicating the source of your information. This guide includes the three main methods of citing sources: American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and Chicago/Turabian. If you are in classes, please consult your professor if you are unsure which method they would like you to use. 

In addition, this guide includes the method that our UT Dallas Special Collections department prefers if you are citing something from their collections. For additional information regarding Special Collections, please visit Special Collections

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What's My Citation Style? By Major

Remember to always consult your professors before writing a paper. This chart is by no means exhaustive and should not be taken as the end-all for your citation style. It merely serves as a suggestion if you are given the option of choosing your own citation style. 

Subject Style Subject Style
Accounting APA Information Technology and Management APA
Actuarial Science Turabian, AMS Information Technology and Systems APA
American Studies APA, MLA, Chicago Innovation and Entrepreneurship APA
Applied Cognition and Neuroscience Turabian, AMA Interdisciplinary Studies APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian
Applied Sociology APA, ASA International Management Studies APA
Art History MLA, Chicago International Political Economy APA, APSA
Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication APA, MLA, Chicago Justice Administration and Leadership APA
Audiology AMA Latin American Studies APA, MLA, Turabian
Biochemistry Turabian Literature MLA
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Turabian Management Science APA
Biology Turabian, AMA, CSE Marketing APA
Biomedical Engineering* APA Master of Business Administration APA
Biotechnology APA Materials Science and Engineering* APA
Business Administration APA Mathematics AMS
Business Analytics APA Mathematics Education APA
Chemistry Turabian, ACS Mechanical Engineering* APA
Child Learning and Development APA Molecular and Cell Biology Turabian
Cognition and Neuroscience APA Molecular Biology Turabian
Cognitive Science APA Neuroscience APA, Turabian
Communication Disorders APA, AMA Philosophy MLA, Chicago, Turabian
Communication Sciences and Disorders APA, AMA Physics Turabian
Computer Engineering* APA Political Science Chicago, APSA
Computer Science* APA, Turabian Political Science - Constitutional Law Studies APSA, Blue Book, Maroon Book
Criminology APA Political Science - Legislative Studies APSA, Blue Book, Maroon Book
Economics APA, Turabian Psychological Sciences APA
Electrical Engineering* APA Psychology APA
Energy Management APA Public Affairs Turabian, APA
Finance APA Public Policy Turabian, APA
Financial Engineering and Risk Management APA Public Policy and Political Economy Turabian, APA, APSA
Geosciences APA, Turabian, GSA Science Education APA
Geospatial Information Sciences APA Social Data Analytics and Research APA
Global Business APA Sociology APA, ASA
Healthcare Leadership and Management APA Software Engineering* APA
Healthcare Management APA Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology AMA
Healthcare Studies APA Statistics APA
Historical Studies MLA, Chicago Supply Chain Management APA
History MLA, Chicago Systems Engineering and Management (ECS)* APA
History of Ideas MLA, Chicago Systems Engineering and Management (JSOM) APA
Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders APA Telecommunications Engineering* APA
Human Resource Management APA Visual and Performing Arts MLA, Chicago, Turabian
Humanities MLA, Chicago, Turabian    

*While most engineering journals and organizations use APA formatting for citations, there are the occasional people or organizations that will require IEEE citation style.