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Use AI ethically and cite correctly when you do.

Accessible Artificial Intelligence is expanding rapidly and shaking the academic and publishing worlds.  These computer programs can do a good job at guessing how experts in many fields might respond to questions or prompts.  It is important to understand that the programs are not searching for information, not evaluating merit, and most importantly: they aren't thinking.  They guess or predict text.  Do not be fooled into treating generative artificial intelligence as fact or reliable evidence.  There will be times when it is appropriate to use ChatGPT or other programs academically, but there is great risk of accidentally plagiarizing existing publications or creating false citations.  

If you do use AI to complete part of a project, you must cite this information so it is clear where that content came from.  The academic world is still figuring out the rules to do this properly. 

Here is a useful link that explains how to cite AI in the most common Academic formats.