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How to create a Company Dossier with Nexis Uni

Start your search for business, accounting, management or marketing companies 
by creating a list of target companies in the database Nexis Uni:

1.Go to the Database Nexis Uni and click on the dropdown arrow labelled 
   Menu above the search box. 

2.Click on Company Dossier.

3.In the next screen click on the tab for Create a Company List. 

4.Create your search criteria by filling in the search boxes. 
         NOTE: you will need to find the SIC (Standard Industry Classification) or 
         NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code that covers the 
         companies that you are searching for. You do not need both the 
         SIC and the NAICS codes. 

5.In the Geographical Information area specify your regional preferences.
(Note: Click on the Edit hyperlink to change the region or location.) Click
the blue OK box to return to the search screen. 

6.Click Create.

7.In the result screen, click Customize (bottom left of screen).

8.Select your limit options, and then sort order and click Update Company List. 
   You can also just click on Update Company List. 

9.You can download the final company list to an Excel spreadsheet.

   NOTE:  For more financial information on each company in the list, 
   click on the highlighted company name.

   For more detailed instructions, click on the PDF link below: