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U.S. Constitution

Proposing Amendments

Proposing Constitutional Amendments is a lengthy process that lawmakers do not take on lightly. The following two sources detail the process of amending the Constitution.

Past Proposed Amendments

Included here are some of the weirder, wackier, and wiser amendments that were never ratified!

Dueling Ban Amendment

in 1838, Congressman William Stephen Morgan of Virginia proposed a constitutional amendment which would outlaw duels in the United States. The amendment was considered, but not passed. 

Balanced Budget Amendment

Several amendments have been proposed that would require the United States government to balance its budget every year. Some of these propose a zero-based budget, while some just insist that the government should only spend the money allocated.

House Joint Resolution 6 - 2019

Congressional Research Service - Report and History

Electoral College Abolition

Several amendments have been proposed that would eliminate the electoral college and would use only the popular vote to determine the winners of elections.

1979 Joint Resolution (Bayh-Celler Amendment)

2005 Every Vote Counts Amendment

2016 Every Vote Counts Amendment

Single Subject Amendment

Amendments have been proposed and a Constitutional Convention was attempted to prevent riders from being added to bills in the United States Congress.

Congressional Research Service - Article V Convention Study

2017 Resolution proposing an amendment