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Study Skills

Up your study game with some useful resources to help you develop better habits.

About This Guide

Studying is a big part of student life. You can make the most of your study time by developing better study skills.   The resources on this guide can help!

Tips for a Good Study Session

With remote classes and changing rules on campus, a lot of studying has to happen at home.  Here are some tips to make an effective study space in your home:

1. Create a dedicated place for studying;  As much as possible, create a separation between the place where you study and the places where you relax, play games, or hang out with friends.  If you can't literally set aside a space, find ways to use your space differently to minimize distractions.  Maybe that means shutting off the TV and turning your seat to face a neutral wall or window. 

2. Create a routine schedule for studying. Pay attention to your own rhythms; do you concentrate better in the morning, the afternoon, the evening?  If you have to share your space with a roommate or roommates, sit down together and set a studying schedule for the room/apartment. During study times, roommates will agree to maintain quiet and not distract each other.

3. Maintain a healthy sleep and eating schedule

4. Avoid multitasking: try to create an environment for yourself that will not tempt you to do other things like watch TV.

If you have a gap between classes, why not find a place on campus to make use of that time?

Most class buildings have open areas where students can sit and study during the day.  Find a place that is quiet and make it a routine to study during your day.

Look for places that you are comfortable but without friends who will interrupt your time. (Or with friends who have similar study styles/goals.)

Make sure you have everything that you need to study: notes, paper, pens, pencils, etc.

Currently (Spring 2022), the library has all floors open for students to drop in and study any time. Floors 2,3, and 4 are designated as quiet study areas. Here's a list of other buildings on campus that have open study areas.