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Multimedia Services

An introductory guide to utilizing Multimedia Services. Information on film, digital cameras, audiobooks and media viewing stations.

Materials Available

The Multimedia library offers DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, calculators, cameras, laptops, Blu-Ray and DVD Players, and technology accessories for check out. Circulation policies for library materials, including media items, are available here. To check out media materials, visit us in MC 2.408. Not familiar with this library location? Click here for a floor plan. 

In the evening hours, these items are available by request at the Main Library Services Desk


McDermott Library offers graphing, financial, and scientific calculators. These calculators checkout for 7 days at a time and may be taken outside of the library. All calculators include a calculator, slipcover, and zipper bag. All items, including the bag, must be returned together. No renewals.

  • Financial calculators complete basic arithmetic functions. They offer the ability to calculate future and present value, interest rate per period, and number of payments. The TI-BA II plus is a financial calculator.
  • Scientific calculators complete basic arithmetic functions. They also include functions related to scientific notation, logarithmic, trigonometric and exponential functions, statistics and probability, matrix calculations, etc. The TI-30Xa and TI-36X are scientific calculators.
  • Graphing calculators complete basic arithmetic functions. This calculator is capable of plotting graphs and solving for variables and simultaneous equations. It is most often used in calculus courses. The TI-84 plus is a graphing calculator.

Overdue charges for all calculators are $1 per day for the first 7 days, up to a max of $50. After 7 days, the calculator will be assumed lost and the patron will be responsible for a $50 overdue fee + $25 processing fee + replacement cost of the item.


Blu-Ray and DVD Players

McDermott Library offers 4 portable DVD and Blu-Ray players and writers, which can be checked out and connected to your computer or laptop.  The DVD players and writers are Buffalo’s 6x Portable Blu-ray Writer with M-Disc Support and offers high-capacity disc writing with fast Blu-ray read and write speeds in a small, portable package. It offers optimal burning and playback performance of Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs on laptops and netbooks and features BDXL support for writing to high capacity Blu-ray discs and M-DISC support for longer life recordings.

The DVD and Blu-Ray players are available for checkout for 7 days. No renewals. 

Digital Cameras

McDermott Library offers digital cameras including two 360 cameras to students, faculty, and staff. Choose from 5 models:‚Äč

Cameras checkout for 7 days at a time. Tripods may also be checked out for 7 days. No renewals.

Overdue charges for all cameras are $25 per day for the first 7 days, up to a maximum of $150. After 7 days, the camera will be assumed lost and the patron will be responsible for a $150 overdue fee + $25 processing fee + replacement cost of the item.



Laptops are available to currently-enrolled UTD students and currently-employed UTD faculty for a 3-day borrowing period. Bring your Comet Card to the Eugene McDermott Library, room 2.408 (Multimedia Services) for checkout. Find details about terms of use and included software on our laptop policy page.

Important: The Library's laptops must be in range of the CometNet WiFi network in order to function. Laptop use is restricted to non-residence buildings, on-campus only. Additionally, the computers are restored to the Library's settings when rebooted (clearing your data), so remember to save your work to a separate device or cloud storage like OneDrive.

Additional Items for Checkout

In addition to DVDs and Audiobooks, you can borrow accessories and music to help you experience your media @ UTD.

Patch Cables check out for 4 hours at a time and may be taken out of the library.

Our Audio CD collection offers a selection of recorded music available for check out. You may search the Library Catalog to find specific material.

Manuals for digital cameras and calculators are available for check out if needed. 

Not familiar with the Multimedia policies? No worries! Learn more here


View Your Media at UTD

Need to relax between classes or buy time until rush hour traffic dies down? We have you covered! McDermott Library offers viewing stations with DVD and VHS players, blu-ray players, and a Region 0 DVD player. You can check out a viewing station, DVD or VHS, and a pair of headphones at the Multimedia library!

How do I renew my media checkouts?

Media items such as laptops, cameras, and calculators cannot be renewed. All media items must be returned to the Library at the end of their loan period. 

Still need your media item? We understand and will try to accommodate. When returning the item, alert the staff member you would like to recheck it. If current demand permits, the item will be checked out again.