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Genre Fiction, Reader's Guide to

The ultimate reader's guide to genre fiction: sci-fi, horror, fantasy fiction, romance, classics and more - covering print guides, web sites, and databases.

About This Guide

The intention of this guide is to answer the age-old question that has nagged countless readers at one point or another in their lives, "WHAT DO I READ NEXT?". . .

A group of like-minded, professional fiction fanatics - the librarians of the UT Dallas McDermott Library - have lovingly assembled lists of the best book finders, guides, and reader's aids to help you, the fellow book lover, answer this very question.

This guide has been designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. The tabs break down into several categories:

  • Genre - general fiction, science fiction and fantasy, horror, etc. These tabs contain references to paper and electronic books at the library, all of which function as wonderful finding aids.
  • Articles & Databases - This tab contains links to library-subscription-only journal article databases. Users will want to turn here to find book reviews in major publications such as New York Times Book Review, Publishers' Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal and many, many more. Other databases, such as Literature Resource Center, provide biographical information on authors, literary timelines, and scholarly criticism of works.
  • Useful Web Sites - Under this tab, users can access websites dedicated to the many genres and sub-genres of fiction. Many of these sites serve as great launchpads for locating books in the same vein as your favorite title, author, or genre. From "top X" lists to awards lists, literature-themed social networks to fan clubs, fiction fans are bound to find at least one resource that meets their needs.

Top 5 Resources

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