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Job & Company Resources in Engineering, Computer Science & Technology

This guide lists resources at the library for employment seekers in the CS and engineering disciplines. Includes detailed instructions on how you can identify companies by industry in a specific location using library databases.

How to Conduct Company/Industry Research with Nexis Uni

Start your search for engineering and computer science companies by creating a list of target companies in the database Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis-Nexis):


  1. Go to the database Nexis Uni and click on the Menu link at the top of the page. In the list of dropdown options, click Company Dossier.
  2. On the new page, Find a Company, search by company name or ticker symbol. In the results, click the company name to get its full report.
  3. The full report screen will display the company's Primary SIC Code and Primary NAICS Code in the "Industry Classification" box. Use one or both codes in successive searches to find similar companies in the same industry. These codes will also come in handy when searching our other business databases.
  4. Now click the "New Search" link at the top right corner of the company report page, which will redirect you to a Find a Company search page. 
  5. On the Find a Company search page, click the Create a Company List link.  This will allow you to search for similar companies in the same industry.
  6. On the Create a Company List page, you may set your search criteria using the drop down boxes and search blanks provided. The SIC or NAICS code you got from your earlier company search will prove very valuable here. Note that you can limit by geographical regions, states, cities, postal (zip) codes, and area codes. Be sure to set the Regions/Countries drop down option to the United Stares or a single country. If left on the default setting "All Countries," you'll find that some area codes can be used in more than one country. Click Create.
  7. The initial results page will  tell you the total number of companies found and list the top 10 matches, assuming there were at least 10 matches. 
  8. In order to view the entire list of matches (if more than 10), you must click the Customize button in the bottom left corner. The new page will allow you to select the attributes you want in your company list, including the order you would like the list sorted. 
  9. After you have selected the attributes (display options) desired, click the Update button (bottom left corner) to get the full list of companies from your search.
  10. On the new display page, select the companies you want in your list (all are selected by default) and then click the Download button to generate either an Excel or CSV formatted file of your results.



For more these instructions with illustrations, see the Quick Reference Handouts at the top of the page.