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Middle Ages

Welcome to the Middle Ages Library Subject Guide

Above: King Valdemar IV of Denmark conducting a fire taxation to the town of Visby in 1361. Painting by Carl Gustaf Hellqvist 1851-1890.

"Valdemar Atterdag brandskattar Visby (1882)" by Carl Gustaf Hellqvist -, Eget arbete (Own Photo). Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

The purpose for this subject guide is to assist students, faculty, staff, and the community in providing information resources concerning the time period known as the Middle Ages. 

To research information relating to the Middle Ages: Type "Middle Ages" or "Medieval Europe" in the search tab of Discover. Filters can then be applied if necessary for more specificity in materials like articles, journals or books. 

Here are some suggested subjects/keywords that can be used in Discover and the library's databases. This is only an example.

Names: Tammerlane, Chaucer, and Saladin.

Places: Jerusalem, Hastings, Constantinople, and Nicea.

Subjects: Chivalry, Crusades, Feudalism, and Schism.