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Conference Proceedings

How to find conference proceedings at the library.

How to Find Conference Proceedings - Library Catalog (Articles, Books & More)

  1. On the Library Homepage, under the default Discover search tab, enter the keywords for the proceeding:

    Typically, it's best to use one or more of the following as your keyword(s): conference title, contributor(s)/author(s), topic/subject keyword(s), conference location, year, and/or publisher. Avoid searching under the Library Catalog tab alone. This will ensure that you are searching nearly all the library's resources in the broadest fashion possible.
  2. In this example, we are using the terms "language music computing 2015" to look for Language, Music and Computing, First International Workshop, LMAC 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia, April 20-22, 2015

    Our initial search results in over 5,00 matches (see below). As you can see, proceedings can fall under multiple types of resources (e.g., books, government documents, and articles). In this case, this proceeding is listed as a book:

    This proceeding is available online only and can be accessed by clicking the title or the "Available Online" link from the results page:  
  3. Other strategies for finding proceedings in a Discover search: narrow your results are by adding the terms "conference proceeding" or "conference proceedings" to your keywords. Alternatively, click the Conference Proceedings filter under the Refine my results column after your results appear:

  4. If the proceeding is available in paper (see item 2 in the screen shot above),  click the Map It button to find the floor (location) and call number:
  5. Most proceedings, especially recently published ones, will be electronic and can be found easily by searching under the Discover tab (Articles, Books & More). Likewise, if you are looking for a particular conference paper (one paper that is part of conference publication), again, use the Discover tab and input the individual conference paper's title. If the individual paper is listed in the system, it will typically appear as an Article in the results. If searching by a conference paper's title does not yield results, try using keywords associated generally with the conference proceeding (e.g., conference location, year/date, or conference title). Sometimes a more general search will work better than a very specific one.