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How to use Discover to find Articles and Electronic Resources along with library books and media.

What is in Discover

Simple Search

The Discover Search defaults to Keywords anywhere. It will accept any combination of terms: keyword, topic, subject, title, author, and so on. Discover will search for the same materials as the Library Catalog; PLUS it will also search the content from online databases that includes articles from journals, magazines, and conference proceedings.

For the most sweeping search of nearly all of the libraries collections in one place - books/ebooks, journals/ejournals, media, AND articles - use Discover.

Additional search tips:

  • The basic search assumes that you are searching for all the words you type unless OR or NOT is specified between the words and phrases.
  • For an exact phrase search, surround your terms in quotation marks, e.g., "United States of America" (~8,000 matches) rather than United States of America (~36,000 matches). Alternatively, click the dropdown menu and change it from Keywords anywhere to Exact phrase for the same effect.
  • In order to search the maximum number of databases possible, Sign in to your account (link in the upper right corner). Certain journal databases and their articles will not become accessible until you Sign in to your account in advance.
  • For additional help with search term operators and advanced search features, see the Primo (Library Catalog) online help guide.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search provides a search of library holdings with more guidance in the form of dropdown menu options such as keywords, title, author/creator, ISBN or ISSN.  You can also set limits for Material Type, Language, and Publication Dates.