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Information Literacy

The following resources can be used as guideance in beginning research on many topics.


Tips For Starting Your Research

McDermott Library's Information Literacy program provides UT Dallas students, faculty, and staff with assistance in developing library research skills and competent information use as part of lifelong learning. Instruction is offered as personal one-on-one sessions, library tours, or class presentations. Please check our Library Calendar of Events to find upcoming tours, workshops and open to the public lectures.

To register for a workshop or to get more information please contact Loreen Henry, Head of Information Literacy Services, 972-883-2126; or Chris Edwards, Assistant Head of Information Literacy Services, 972-883-2614.

You can also schedule a help session with a librarian before you begin your research.

Important Resources

Use the tabs above for important information as you 
research, write and prepare your paper. You might also 
want to take a look at the "How-To" Subject Guides. 
Click on the Home tab and choose from the list. 

The following are some additional tips and guides to be aware of:

The ABC's of Evaluating Websites: 
Many sources that are on the World Wide Web are not 
always reliable. Sometimes familiar standbys such as 
Wikipedia and Google are not always accepted by faculty 
as dependable or relevant sources in a Works Cited 
bibliography. Use the ABC's criteria to evaluate the 
information and resources. 

Scholarly, Peer-reviewed or Popular: 
Scholarly, academic and peer-reviewed all mean the 
same thing. These will be journal articles written by 
academic or real world experts about their field of expertise. 
Before these articles are published, they are rigorously 
reviewed and edited for accuracy. Popular articles 
appear in glossy magazines and newspapers with 
lots of photography and advertisement. The authors 
do not necessarily have to be experts in the field in which 
they write. 

Avoiding Plagiarism:   
Writing for student success entails researching, 
understanding, evaluating and building upon the work 
and words of others. In using borrowed words, ideas 
and intellectual property, proper credit must be 
given for any material used to further our research.

Plagiarism: Tutorial:    
This quick online tutorial developed by McDermott Library 
will help you to understand the finer points of citing, 
quoting and giving credit.