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Scholarly journals in Music and Dance

Electronic journals such as these may be found in a Discover search: 

Dance Research: The Journal for the Society for Dance Research

International Journal of Music Education

Theatre Journal

Music Performance Research

The Musical Quarterly

Print journals may be found on the 2nd floor at McDermott Library

Current Musicology ML1 .C87

Opera Annual ML21 .06

The Shining Sun of Hope, Effort, and Spirit (2007)

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What is the difference between Popular Journals and Scholarly ones?

Popular Magazines (Time, People, etc.)

  • Intended for a general audience.

  • Articles written by journalists who may or may not have special training in what they are writing about.

  • Articles do not have footnotes.

  • For profit.

  • Not peer-reviewed.


Scholarly / Peer Review Journals (American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, Ear Nose and Throat Journal, etc.)

  • Intended for an audience with knowledge in the field.

  • Articles are written by scholars, whose names are listed along with credentials.

  • Articles are footnoted and list sources used.

  • Usually not for profit.

  • Peer-reviewed.

Where do I find Journals?

Journals are searchable and listed alphabetically from the Journals tab on the library's homepage.

You may also search for a journal by title in Discover. Click Advanced Search, then enter the title and use the Material Type filter set to "Journals" as shown below: