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The Economist Historical Archive 1842-2006

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Public Policy/Public Administration

Resources on public affairs and public administration.

 Library of Congress Call Number

HJ Public Finance

JJ-JQ Political institutions and public administration

JS Local government.  Municipal government

Important Resources

This collection includes sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and directories to help find brief explanations and general information about terms and concepts in Political Science.

Reference Sources in Public Affairs

  • Encyclopedia of government and politics. JA61 .C66 2004 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Handbook of political sociology : states, civil societies, and globalization. JA 76 .H383 2005 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Dictionary of public policy and administration. H97 .S483 2004(Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Municipal year book JS344.C4 A24 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • International dictionary of public management and governance  JA61 .B48 2006(Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Texas state directory JK4830 .T4 (Reference Desk, 2nd floor)

 Online Reference Sources

Statistical Sources