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  • The Virtues of Abandon: An Anti-individualist History of the French Enlightenment      B1925 .S45 C65 2014 (3rd floor)
  • India: A Short History DS407 .R56 2014 (3rd floor)

  • The History of Texas F386 .C26 2014  (3rd floor)

  • The Invention of News : How the World Came to Know About Itself   PN5110 .P48 2014  (4th floor)

  • Lifted : A Cultural History of the Elevator  TJ1370 .B4713 2014   (4th floor)

  • Sky Blue Stone : The Turquoise Trade in World History QE394.T8 K53 2014  (4th floor)
  • The Birth of the Pill : How Four Crusaders Reinvented Sex and Launched a Revolution RG137.5 .E34 2014 (4th floor)





History and Military Science

Resources on the study of history and military science. 


Library of Congress Call Number Ranges: 

Auxiliary Sciences of History C
World History D
History of the Americas E and F

Important Resources

This collection includes sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and directories to help find brief explanations and general information about terms and concepts in History and Military Science.

Reference Sources in History and Military Science

  • Encyclopedia of historians and historical writing D14 .E58 1999 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Historical maps on file G1030 .M37 2002 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • The Crusades: An Encyclopedia D155 .C78 2006 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Encyclopedia of World War I D510 .E53 2005  (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Encyclopedia of the Korean War DS918 .E53 2000 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War E208 .E64 2006 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • The War of 1812: A Complete Chronology with Biographies of 63 General Officers E355 .H36 2012 (Reference, 2nd floor)

World History

  • World History Encyclopedia D9 .W67 2011 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Encyclopedia of World War I D510 .E53 2005 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World DS35.53 .O96 2009 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Encyclopedia of the Age of Imperialism, 1800-1914 D358 .E53 2008 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Encyclopedia of archaeology CC110 .E54 (Reference, 2nd floor)

United States History

  • American eras, 1500-1899 E169.1 .A471979 1997 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • American national biography CT213 .A68 1999 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Encyclopedia of the American Civil War : a political, social, and military history E468 .E53 2000 (Reference, 2nd floor)

Primary Sources

  • English historical documents, c.500-1914 DA26 .E55 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • The later Middle Ages: a sourcebook DA170 .C65 2011 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Catalogue of British parliamentary papers in the Irish University Press 1000-volume series and area studies series, 1801-1900 DA30 .I72 1977 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • World War I: Primary Documents on Events from 1914 to 1919 D52 .C587 2009  (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • New Iberian world: a documentary history of the discovery and settlement of Latin America to the early 17th century F1411 .I18 1984 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Historic documents, 1972-2005 E839.5 .H57 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Documents of Texas history F386 .D64 (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Milestone Documents in American History E173 .M62 2008  (Reference, 2nd floor)
  • Milestone Documents in World History D5 .M55 2010 (Reference, 2nd floor)


Online Reference Sources in History and Military Science

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