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Distance Education

To help students access and use the library's resources and services.

How to get Started

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Distance Services

  • Appointments with Librarians over the phone or via the internet.
  • Virtual reference services via online chat service. 
  • Access to McDermott Library's electronic resources: databases, ebooks, journals, etc. 

Textbooks at McDermott Library

  • The Eugene McDermott Library purchases only undergraduate core textbooks.
  • Those textbooks have 2 hour, in library use only. Previous editions of textbooks can be found through the library catalog with a title/author search.
  • "Course Reserves" are textbooks provided by the professor for the library to lend to students. Course Reserves have 2 hour, in library use only. 
  • Those books can also be found with a title/author search in the library catalog or by checking the Reserves tab by your professor's name or class number.