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Big Bang
March saw some extremely
interesting results being
announced by the BICEP2
collaboration. BICEP2 is
a radio telescope that
measures the polarisation
of the cosmic microwave
background (CMB).
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Resources for the study of physics.


Library of Congress Call Number Ranges:

Astronomy QB

Physics QC:


QC1-75            General Physics

QC120-168.85  Descriptive and experimental mechanics

QC170-197       Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter including molecular     physics, relativity, quantum theory, solid state physics (and condensed matter physics).

QC221-246       Acoustics. Sound

QC251-338.5    Heat

QC350-467       Optics. Light

QC474-496.9    Radiation physics (General)

QC501-766       Electricity and magnetism

QC770-798       Nuclear and particle physics

QC801-809       Geophysics. Cosmic physics

QC811-849       Geomagnetism

QC851-999       Meteorology. Climatology



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Selected Reference Tools in Physics

This collection includes sources such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and directories to help find brief explanations and general information about terms and concepts in Physics.

Reference Sources in Physics

Online Reference Sources in Physics

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